Bocce Court & Destroyed Fence

Rampart Blvd. @ Lakeside Entrance

1700 Bldg.

Hurricane Ian Information


1.  21 condos have interior ceiling or wall damage from water leaks through blown away soffits.  Owners contacted by V.P. Carolyn Hummel.

2.  Flagpole was blown down at base.

3.  Insurance adjuster for Lakeside Condo Assoc. visited on 11/4 and completed his exterior and interior inspections.  Full report to come.

4.  A Loss Assessment of $2,722.26 will need to be paid by each unit owner to the Lakeside Condo Assoc. by 11/15 to cover the insurance deductible based on contractor's estimate for total repairs ($11 million +).  Revised letter coming from 1st Choice Condo Mgmt. that meets requests from insurance carriers.

5. Lost ridge vent shingles, soffits and fascia have been covered by Triton to protect from rain.  May have to re-shingle all roofs.  Weekly reports to 1st Choice from Triton will begin in early November.

6. Unclear if Assoc. insurance policy will cover replacement of lanai screens; just frames.

7. Next BOD meeting sched. for 1/9/23.  

8. Portal address for 1st Choice website is http:/

9.  Waste Mgmt. will no longer pick up large items (click here to see flyer).‚Äč

The quarterly condo rate for 2023 has been set.  Click here to see more information.